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EHS Appliances provides dependable, same-day appliance repair services for Gas or Electric appliances in Sammamish and the surrounding areas. Residential and business. Our customer service department will help you schedule a service call.

Call us at (206)-590-5700 we can assist you

Don’t the appliances do what you want them to? Well, it could be because they need to be fixed to work right.

You wouldn’t want to deal with a broken machine where wet clothes aren’t dried right or a broken dishwasher where food is still stuck to your plates.

A good appliance needs to be repaired correctly, and in Sammamish, all it takes is a phone call to get an appliance repaired. EHS expert appliance repair offers repair services for everything from refrigerators to dishwashers in Sammamish and the nearby area.

Call us now, and one of our trained professionals will come to fix your appliances the same day, so you can focus on more important things.

Refrigerator Repair in Sammamish

Do your leftovers go bad before you can eat them? This could be a sign that you need to fix your appliance to keep it running well. For Sammamish refrigerator repair, call EHS Appliance Repair service right away. Our expert techs can find and fix problems before they get worse:

  • The freezer doesn’t work right.
  • The freezer doesn’t keep the cool air in.
  • It won’t drain.
  • The ice maker gets stuck, leaks, or stops working
  • The fridge makes a lot of noise.
  • Even at the right temperature, food goes bad.
  • The door doesn’t close well.
  • The refrigerator or freezer isn’t working.

Get in touch with us right away to set up a time for a repairman to look at your fridge.

Washing Machine Repair in Sammamish
Your clothes look clean again after you use a washing machine, but if it doesn’t work right, it could ruin your style for the whole week. EHS Appliance Repair Service can fix your washing machine in Sammamish and make it work like new again. Contact our team if you notice any of the following problems:

  • I can’t get the washing machine to work.
  • Flowing out of valves, plugs, or the pump
  • The timer is not working right.
  • The door or lid won’t open, or water is leaking.
  • The filter needs cleaning on a regular basis
  • There is a smell of burning

Call us, send us an email, or send us a text message today to set up a time for us to fix your appliance.

Dryer Repair in Sammamish

Do your clothes come out of the machine still wet? Contact our dryer repair team to make sure you’ll have clean clothes for the rest of the week. We can send a qualified repairman out the same day to find and fix your dryer, so you can get back to looking great. If you see any of these signs, call us right away:

  • The dryer will not start.
  • The clock won’t work right.
  • The dryer works, but it doesn’t get hot.
  • The dryer smells like something is burning.
  • The dryer makes a noise.
  • The dryer moves.
  • After being turned on, it turns off

Stove Repair in Sammamish

Oven Repair in Sammamish

Ranges Repair in Sammamish

Do you feel like it takes a long time to make your favorite food with your oven or stove? This shouldn’t be happening, so call EHS Appliance Repair Service to set up a meeting for the same day to find out what’s wrong and how to fix it. If these things are wrong with your stove or oven, give us a call:

  • The oven door stays open.
  • Timers go wrong
  • Error messages are shown.
  • An oven is making a lot of noise
  • The lights aren’t working right.
  • The grill won’t work.
  • Food doesn’t heat properly because the self-clean cycle doesn’t work.
  • Some stove parts spark or flash.

Costs can be kept low if these problems are caught early, so call EHS Appliance Repair Service today to set up an appointment in Sammamish area.

Dishwasher Repair in Sammamish

Do your dishes look like nothing was done when they come out of the dishwasher? Then you should call EHS Appliance Repair Service to get your dishwasher fixed. We can send an expert to your place in Sammamish the same day to give you a full report on the problem and fix it:

  • The dishwasher won’t turn on.
  • The dishwasher does not get the right amount of water.
  • The dishes aren’t drying right.
  • The dishwasher sounds strange and/or smells like it’s on fire.
  • leaky door or seal.
  • You can not save settings.
  • Water doesn’t go down the right way.

Gas Appliance Repair in ​​Sammamish

Gas and propane tools are not only used in homes but also in small businesses. You need to pay extra attention to and care for them. EHS Appliance Repair Service in Sammamish is the place to call if they need to be maintained, or fixed. We take care of you and your families because we have enough knowledge, skills, and almost 15 years of experience.

You can count on our skilled experts to fix and maintain your machine on the same day. No matter how hard your problem is, our qualified and well-trained gasfitters will be able to fix it.

We work with all kinds of gas equipment for the kitchen and laundry. We are qualified and approved to work on the major brands and fix and maintain them. If you call us at (206)-590-5700, we’ll fix any problems with your gas stove the same day.

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