Why is refrigerator repair in high demand in summer?

In summer refrigerator repairs in Seattle are most in demand. Everything is quite understandable because the intense heat forces cooling equipment to work almost all round the clock, which leads to the failure of many its components.

Therefore, if you face a breakdown of a household refrigerator in the summer, several nuances should be considered:

Employment of craftsmen. 

In the summer season, the demand for refrigerator repair increases several times, so finding a free master is almost impossible. This point should be taken into account if you want the repair work to be completed as soon as possible;

Lack of spare parts. 

The demand for spare parts is increasing, so it is easy to assume that there is a serious shortage of certain components during the hot season. Therefore, you will likely need to wait for delivery for some time;

Fault features. 

Often, breakdowns occur during the intensive operation of the motor-compressor in the summer. This may be due to improper installation of the refrigerator, a defect in the sealing gum, etc. That is why it is often necessary to buy a compressor for the refrigerator, which can often reach 20% of the cost of new refrigeration equipment.

Where to order refrigerator repair in Seattle?

If you need a reliable master right now who will perform all the necessary repairs as soon as possible, you can entrust this task to our qualified technicians.

By contacting Expert Appliance Repair Service, you will receive a number of competitive advantages:

  • We have a wide availability of spare parts, as well as established relationships with importers and manufacturers, so it is not difficult for us to get the necessary components;
  • Repair work at your home. You can always call our master to your home;
  • Warranty obligations. After the repair is completed, you will receive a warranty. And these are not just words, because, in the event of a failure in the operation of the equipment, you can safely call the master absolutely free of charge.

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