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EHS Expert Appliance Repair Service provides dependable, same-day Gas and Electric appliance repair in Bellevue and the surrounding areas! Both residential and commercial properties are available.
Call us at  (206)-590-5700 if you need assistance.

Refrigerator Repair in Bellevue

Food in your refrigerator spoils quickly? Please contact EHS Appliance Repair Service for professional refrigerator repair in Bellevue. Our team of experts will get your refrigerator, side-by-side, built-in freezer, or beverage cooler up and running again.

If you are having problems with your refrigerator or freezer, please contact us.

  • The appliance does not function.

  • The door of a fridge does not latch or seal properly.

  • Food goes bad far too quickly.

  • The ice maker is either clogged or leaking.

  • The coolant is leaking.

  • The drain pipe has become clogged.

  • Water cannot be frozen in the freezer.

Call EHS today for dependable fridge repair service!

Washing machine repair in Bellevue

Is a faulty washing machine to blame for the growing pile of filthy laundry? Call EHS Appliance Repair Service for dependable washing machine repair in Bellevue and the surrounding areas.

Your appliance will resume normal operation with the help of our troubleshooting specialists. Give us a call if your washer exhibits any of the following problems:

The washing machine is inoperative.
Unusual noises are coming from the washer.
The door, the seals, or somewhere else is dripping with water.
Water does not fill or drain in the washer.
When operating, a burning scent is present.

Contact the professionals at EHS Appliance Repair Service for all of your washing machine repairs!

Dryer Repair in Bellevue

Is your dryer broken, forcing you to hang your clothing to dry?

Please call EHS Appliance Repair Service for dryer repair in Bellevue and the surrounding areas! Our team of professionals is qualified to repair and maintain both gas and electric dryers.

Give us a call if your dryer is experiencing any of these problems:

  • The dryer turns on, then abruptly stops.

  • Despite tumbling, the dryer is not heated.

  • When operating, a burning odor is present.

  • The dryer makes strange noises.

  • The dryer does not start or tumble when it is turned on.

  • The timer and other features are inoperative.

Reliable repairmen are on standby at EHS Appliance Repair Service to get your dryer back in working order. Just give us a call right now!

Stove Repair in Bellevue

Range Repair in Bellevue

Oven Repair in Bellevue

Does your oven burn food to a crisp or leave it undercooked? Avoid buying a new one! Repair is cheaper with us!

For all of your stove and oven repairs in Bellevue, get in touch with the professionals at EHS Appliance Repair Service. Your gas or electric appliance will be repaired by our qualified specialists, so you can bake or cook a fantastic feast!

Call our team if you run into any problems, such as:

  • The oven is broken.

  • The digital display malfunctions or shows an error.

  • There won’t be any broiler action.

  • The self-cleaning mode is ineffective.

  • The timer doesn’t work properly.

  • No light comes on in the oven.

  • The oven door doesn’t shut all the way.

  • Strange sounds come from the stove or oven.

  • The element on the stove is broken.

Call, phone, or email our customer service representatives to schedule a repair for any oven or stove issues you may have.

Dishwasher Repair in Bellevue

Do you have dishpaned hands as a result of your broken dishwasher? Call EHS Appliance Repair Service for trustworthy dishwasher repair in Bellevue.

You can sit back and relax because our highly qualified professionals will fix your dishwasher. If your appliance experiences any issues, such as:

  • The controls are inoperative.

  • The dishwasher doesn’t completely drain.

  • Leaky doors or seals.

  • The dishwasher makes peculiar noises.

  • You smell a burning odor when the dishwasher is in use.

  • The dishwasher is broken.

 Contact EHS Appliance Repair Service right away for trustworthy maintenance and repairs!

Repair of Gas Appliances in Bellevue

All gas and propane equipment must be used carefully and in accordance with safety regulations. The factory-trained and licensed gas specialists at EHS Appliance Repair Service possess a wide range of specific skills. If you reside in Bellevue or the neighboring region, you can count on our technicians to provide you with expert assistance.

Ranges, dryers, ovens, and cooktops are just a few examples of the gas kitchen and laundry appliances that we repair.

Our gas experts will handle all issues, including:

  • The gas burner is not starting.

  • The gas burner is gradually heating.

  • The gas range is unendingly clicking.

  • The loud flame of the surface burner

Please give us a call or schedule an appointment online as soon as possible. Along with the well-done work, you will also be pleased with how we approach pricing and discounts.

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