Appliance Repair in Redmond


Licensed, Expert Appliance Repair in Redmond, WA from EHS Appliance Repair Services

EHS Appliance Repair Service provides Redmond and the surrounding areas with dependable appliance repair services for gas and electric appliances on the same day! Both homes and businesses are included.

It can be difficult to locate an appliance repair company in Richmond Hill that is both reliable and of high quality. You require the assistance of a reliable and reputable professional service that is well-versed in the diagnosis and repair of problems affecting major home appliances, as well as one that lives up to its claims and guarantees.

EHS Appliance Repair Service is the most trusted appliance repair company in Redmond and the areas immediately surrounding it. We have qualified and competent technicians on staff who have received thorough training in the quality repair of a wide variety of home appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, washing machines, dishwashers, stoves and ovens, and dryers.

In addition to that, our certified technicians are experienced in working with the newest technology and most cutting-edge equipment. We don’t just restore your device; we also guarantee long-term solutions to the problem for our customers, so they can rest assured that it won’t keep happening in the future. In addition, we are pleased to provide appliance repair near me on the same day you call.

If you need appliance repair in Redmond, contact EHS Appliance Repair Service right now to make an appointment with one of our professionals for the same day. You can book us by giving us a call, sending us a text message at (206)-590-5700, or submitting an online request.

We Offer Highly Skilled and Professional Appliance Repair in Redmond

Refrigerator Repair Service in Richmond Hill

Do you require urgent repairs for your refrigerator in the Redmond area? There is no need to continue. The EHS Appliance Repair Service store is conveniently located nearby. We provide the most dependable refrigerator repair in Redmond for all models and configurations of refrigerators, including free-standing, built-in, wine coolers, and freezers.

The professionals who work on our refrigerators have extensive knowledge of both little and large problems that can occur with refrigerators, and they always have a solution on hand to fix your appliance.

In the event that you encounter any of the following issues, please contact EHS Appliance Repair Service:

  • Even when the refrigerator is set to a cool temperature, an abnormally large amount of food spoils;
  • Ice forms more quickly than usual.
  • The refrigerator is not operating correctly.
  • The door does not close.
  • The appliance makes trembling sounds when it is plugged in.

Freezer Repair Service in Redmond

Although the majority of homeowners don’t consider the freezer to be modern or sophisticated equipment, the truth is that this perception couldn’t be more incorrect. However, modern freezers run at a very high level of efficiency. Your freezer will definitely require maintenance or repairs after some period of time, and this is true regardless of the type of freezer you own, whether your refrigerator includes a separate freezer chamber or you own a freestanding freezer.

If you live in Redmond and need your freezer repaired, you can count on our company to handle any problems that arise. You can reach us by phone or submit a request through our website, and we will provide assistance to you on the same day.

Ice Maker Repair Service in Redmond

In a refrigerator, an ice maker is one of the most beneficial features, but when it is a freestanding appliance, it is one of the most helpful ones. Naturally, if you use your ice maker on a daily basis or even once a week, it won’t take long for you to become dependent on the pleasantly cold water and convenient ice it produces.

On the other hand, just like a lot of other home appliances for the kitchen, it can get broken, stop working effectively, or do both. In the event that your home appliance is malfunctioning and requires professional assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with our repair specialists for ice machine servicing in Redmond.

Because we are available at any moment of the day, we are able to send our professionals to your location whenever you require them. You can also arrange an appointment with us at no additional cost by calling us, texting us at (206)-590-5700, or visiting our website.

Our repair professionals are fully confident in their ability to deliver same-day appliance repair in Redmond as well as solutions that are both immediate and long-term.

Washing machine Repair Service in Redmond

Because your washing machine is not functioning as it should, you are accumulating a mountain of dirty laundry, aren’t you? Don’t be concerned. EHS Appliance Repair Service is always prepared to assist you in repairing your broken washer. Call us today!

It is not necessary for you to wait for several days or weeks in order to get that old washing machine with the damage repaired and back into normal service. When you call EHS Appliance Repair Service for assistance, we will be able to do the task on the same day.

We are the most dependable washer repair Redmond company, and we always have highly trained service professionals available to assist you whenever you need it. They have a history of successfully repairing a variety of washing machines, including models made by Electrolux, Blomberg, Frigidaire, Samsung, Whirlpool, Maytag, Miele, Kitchenaid, LG, and Kenmore, among others.

The following are the problems that arise most frequently with washing machines:

  • The water leaks;
  • The machine does not even work when it is turned on.
  • The spinner turns at an excessively high speed.

If you notice any of these issues with your washing machine, do not delay in getting in touch with EHS Appliance Repair Service as soon as possible. We are prepared to be of assistance to you by offering the most trustworthy washer repair near me at competitive pricing.

Our repair professionals are fully confident in their ability to deliver same-day appliance repair in Redmond as well as solutions that are both immediate and long-term.
Please call or text us at the number right now: (206)-590-5700

Dryer Repair Service in Redmond

It could be expensive for you to get a new dryer to replace your old and broken ones. Instead of making a new purchase, why not schedule a dryer repair in Redmond with EHS Appliance Repair Service?

EHS Appliance Repair Service personnel are licensed technicians with over 10 years of handling both electric and gas dryers. Each of them is a holder of the current Technical Standards and Safety Authority Certificates, thus, you are certain that only expert technicians will run and troubleshoot your appliances.

If your dryer experiences the following problems, call us immediately.

  • The dryer generates unusual sounds;
  • The machine does not start;
  • Drying stops halfway through the cycle;
  • There is no hot air in the dryer.

We are committed to offering our customers the utmost care and excellent services. Give us a call at (206) 590-5700 and our technicians will undoubtedly find their way to your home.

Book us any time of the week, and we are guaranteed to come on the date and time most convenient for you.

Our repair professionals are fully confident in their ability to deliver same-day appliance repair in Redmond as well as solutions that are both immediate and long-term.
Please call or text us at the following number right now: (206)-590-5700

Stove Repair in Redmond

Range Repair in Redmond

Oven Repair in Redmond

Are you having issues with either your oven or your stove? EHS Appliance Repair Service should be informed about it.

EHS Appliance Repair Service has more than 10 years of comprehensive experience repairing all varieties of ovens and stoves, including range stoves, wall ovens, cooktops, and microwaves. As a result of this knowledge, they will give you the best and most practical oven and stove repair in Redmond solution for your kitchen problem.

We won’t just show up and fix things for the sake of making a buck; instead, we’ll provide you with quality service that’s built to last. Always looking to develop long-lasting partnerships.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call at any time in the event that you experience problems of this nature with your stove.

  • Overheated stoves and countertops,
  • stoves that won’t heat up,
  • electric problems,
  • display problems.

When it comes to dealing with us, you won’t have to wait for days to get your turn. We always have technicians available to address the problems of our customers whenever they require our assistance. Our Redmond repair technicians are highly qualified, so you can rely on them!

Also, given that we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can be assured that one of our helpful customer service experts will take your call even on the weekends.

Our repair professionals are fully confident in their ability to deliver same-day appliance repair in Redmond as well as solutions that are both immediate and long-term.
Please call or text us at the following number right now: (206)-590-5700

Dishwasher Repair in Redmond

EHS Appliance Repair Service has grown to become Redmond’s most reliable company for dishwasher repair. It is not surprising that it has garnered such a strong reputation in Redmond and the areas immediately surrounding it, given the extensive expertise and experience it possesses regarding the many sorts of dishwasher damage.

No matter how big or small the problem is, our highly trained professionals will deliver the best service possible at all times, on any day, and at any hour. You can rely on our service not just when you require dishwasher repair in Redmond, but also when you require dishwasher installation in that location.

The following are examples of common problems that might occur with dishwashers:

  • The door latch was broken.
  • There was a rattling noise.
  • The dishes weren’t properly washed,
  • The water was leaking.

We’ve got you covered, whether you have a portable dishwasher, a built-in dishwasher, or a double dishwasher. We are able to fix every brand and model of dishwasher, from the very first models to the most recent ones on the market today.

In addition, our prices are reasonable. In the event that you are seeking dishwasher repair in Redmond, all you need to do is give us a call at any time at (206)-590-5700, and we will make it a priority to assist you on the same day.

Our repair professionals are fully confident in their ability to deliver same-day appliance repair in Redmond as well as solutions that are both immediate and long-term.
Please call or text us at the following number right now: (206)-590-5700

Gas Appliance Service and Repair in Redmond

In addition to having twenty years of experience fixing gas and propane appliances, we make it a point to provide our customers with services of the highest caliber. EHS Appliance Repair Service, located in Redmond and serving the nearby areas, is your best option for getting appliance repairs done.

We are well familiar with the frustration that comes along with having home appliances that do not function properly. In addition, it is our goal to give our customers the best possible service when it comes to repairing their gas appliances at home.

We are not only interested in repairing your home appliances; rather, we strive to develop lasting relationships with each of our clients. We also provide important services for other types of appliances, including:

  • Service, repair, and maintenance;
  • Diagnosis, replacement solutions,
  • Warranty and discount coupon services, and more.

The experts at EHS Appliance Repair Service have undergone extensive training and have years of relevant industry experience. As a result, you can be certain that a qualified and experienced technician will complete the task rather than just anyone. Repair services for gas stoves and ovens are provided expertly in Redmond.

Do you need us today? Don’t be concerned. Call our office at (206)-590-5700 to schedule an appointment, and one of our technicians will promptly visit your home, evaluate the situation, and make any necessary repairs to your gas appliances.

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